Tree Plantations

While part of New Plantations' timber is sold to third parties, a percentage is used at our downstream wood processing facilities to produce quality value-added products such as wood panels, blockboards, plywood cabinetry and other products. These products are used for construction of buildings and infrastructure, furniture and interior decorative fixtures.

Manufacturing and Other Operations

- engineered-wood flooring produced in Jiangsu Province and distributed through more than 300 outlets nationwide in China;

- sawn timber produced in Yunnan Province and Heilongjiang Province;

- finger-joint board and blockboard produced in Hunan Province;

- plywood and veneer products produced in Guangxi Province; and

- greenery and nursery operations based in Jiangsu Province.

Engineered Wood Flooring in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

As China's GDP and average household earnings continue to grow, allowing more middle- and high-income consumers to furnish apartments, Emerald Plantation is well positioned to capture potentially huge domestic demand for flooring products. Our flooring plant based in Suzhou Jiangsu Province has a production capacity of 6 million m2. Our high-density, quality, engineered wood flooring products are distributed through over 300 retail outlets in China.

Greenery and Nurseries in Suzhou, Greater Shanghai

According to China's State Forestry Administration, there is a lack of forestation in the country. In order to counteract increasing pollution in major cities the Chinese government has called for the improvement of air quality and city landscaping through the planting of trees in green belts along city borders, along roads and streets, and in parks. To fill the gap between landscape management and supply of tree nursery products, New Plantations will pursue opportunities in this forest product business segment. With its plantation resources and expertise, it can source, supply and manage landscaping products for property developers, local governments and other organizations.